Here is a short summary of what we have covered in this article for you: Jio free data number – The Toll-Free number which is 1299, where when you dial this jio free data miss call number you will be getting credit of Free 10 GB data just by making jio free data dial number. However, similar to other telcos, Jio has often been plagued by call quality, network, network stability and calls. Now, no matter wherever you are, you can watch IPL on Jio tv app. Waise Iske Bhut Se Karan Ho Sakte Hain Jisme Main Sawaal Hain Ki Jio Se Calling Kaise Kare . Because this app contain information about Jio 4G Voice call only. JioCall can make your FixedLine connection smart by using your smartphone to make video and audio calls. Jio call problem is the most annoying problem faced by users, The easiest way you can solve this problem is by Making a Call through the Official JIOVOICE app, After installing the app simply dial the number you wish to call. For many reasons, sometimes we all need our Jio last call history details and in such cases its become very important to get jio call records in our phone.. You can learn to use it from this app. It is recommended that you dial 1977 for your tele-verification as it will verify your credentials for both data and calls. Still worrying why call ended in jio sim card we fixed it In this tutorial we will fix jio call not going issue. 4G Voice Offline/ Call Not Connecting Problem in Hindi. Jio 4G Voice Offline / Call Not Connecting Problem Solved 2019 Step 1: 1st of all you have to turn the device off and remove all Sim card. Did you know that you can make video calls from your Fixed Line number? Jio 4G Internet, Voice Offline Call Not Connecting Problem सॉल्व इन हिंदी(Recommended) मैंने देखा है कि बहुत से लोगों को Internet Problem, Voice Call Problem, Offline Call Not Connecting Problem. Learn more. Jio is providing blazing fast 4G internet, free unlimited domestic calling as well as subscriptions to all its Jio apps, free of cost. Won’t respond. Problem: Why is the Jio 4G Voice app not working/showing offline? My … Isn’t working properly; Initial check up: Please note that Jio call or Jio … You cannot make voice call and video call from this Jio4GVoice guide. Won’t open. If you are one among the Jio customers, looking for solutions to the commonly faced Jio problems, then the article is just for you. You can learn to use it from this app. I tried this method & it did worked for me. Cricket fans are really excited to see the thrilling matches. No wayway I am going to Jio anymore. Solution: If the app is not working on your phone, check the following – Mobile data of your Jio SIM card should be turned on.The Jio 4G Voice app will show offline on other networks’ (example – Airtel, Idea, etc.) Jio4GVoice Offline Solution 2. @kalyanbzr @JioCare @being_Y_ral @JioCare your network is useless here, can't even make call.Since mid 2017 I have been complaining but no response.right now there are two jio sim in my house and both inactive since Dec,18. It has done what other telecom companies can’t even think of. Crashing. Jio voice app shows offline when there is no internet connection. Reliance Jio started in September 2016 with the latest 4G only network which enables the users to make a voice call over LTE. You will have to check that your Reliance Jio Sim is activated. By far most of customers are complaining that their Jio 4G Voice is isolated or not working by any connect of the imaginative limit. Jio 4G Voice Call App is one of the best application available which makes the user use VoLTE feature on the non-VoLTE mobiles. The company has developed Jio 4G voice app to provide the best video and voice call experience for its users. Jio Voice Call and Offline Problems and Solutions Such a gathering of people are getting issues while accessory calls through Jio sim. I got signal also. These Jio voice apps come with RCS (Rich Communication Services) features and provide users the perks of using 4G voice technology. If you have Jio Tv app on your smartphone and a valid tarriff plan, Then enjoy this IPL on your mobile phone without any additional costs. All Jio need to do is to wait until the end of the year and hope for the best. Jio Call History | Jio Call Details Kaise Nikale. It is simply LTE (4g) phone. When i tried to call other contacts from jio sim it is redirected to televerification desk. So, to help our audience with this problem we come up with this complete guide. Maine Jayadatar User Ki Ek Problem Suni Hain Wo Hain Ki Mere Phone Me Jio Wali Sim Se Call Nahi Lag Raha Hai Or Kabhi Busy Ya Failed Bata deta Hai. Because this app contain information about Jio 4G Voice call only. This should solve your ‘jio 4G voice offline’ or ‘call not connecting’ problems. Many companies are providing VoLTE like Samsung, Lyf, Motorola, Lenovo, Alcatel, Asus, Gionee, HTC, Huawei, InFocus & OnePlus you need to write this article of Full supported list of VoLTE smartphone. Easy fix: Trick to Fix Reliance Jio 4G Voice offline Problem. The app named Jio4GVoice (earlier named as JioJoin) is the one you have to use to make calls if you are not able to directly make calls on the Phone app. You cannot make voice call and video call from this Jio4GVoice guide. Steps to Fix Jio Calling & Jio 4G Voice Offline Problems If you are using Lyf handsets or any other smartphone and they are supports VoLTE then you didn't need to install Jio4GVoice App. Jio Network Problem: Reliance Jio introduced Indian mobile internet users to a world of endless possibilities in terms of superfast internet.. *** Exclusively for Jio SIM and Jio Network users *** JioCall (earlier Jio4Gvoice) from Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd now comes in a brand new avatar. Video Call App - Download the best video call app online & enjoy live video calling experience. अगर आपके पास भी 4G Voice Call करने time Offline … Jio put out data for September 22 saying over 12 crore out of 15 crore call attempts by its users failed. Jio 4G Voice will start connecting to network & once the connection is established, it will show you status as online. Enjoy IPL 2020 season with Jio Tv android and iOS app.. You can also find out by going to About Phone>Status>Network Type. JioCall app has HD voice & video calling features. Mobile data off: Always keep your mobile data on when trying to make a call using the Reliance Jio sim card. Below are the few issues which many users are facing. That application is made for phones which does not feature VoLTE which is used to make phone calls in a 4G network. We collected guide that help you fix most popular problems whit connected jio 4gvoice call . I got jio sim card through e-kyc procesd and in 30 minutes i got the jio signal and i call 1977 and televerified my number. We do not related with it's owner in anyway. Tele-Verification for calls wasn’t done: Reliance has separate tele-verification for both data and calls. Jio Se Call Nahi Ho Rahi Ye Sabse Badhi Problem Isme Hain . Reliance Jio has a good solution for this. There are many tricks to get a call pass your mobile, but there are none of them to make a call connect. IPL Season 2020 is on the way to happen. internet. Jio Offline call कैसे करे Problem solved in hindi Vivek Bairagi February 18, 2019 0 एक new पोस्ट के साथ फिर से आपके सामने आज हम इस पोस्ट में आपको बताने वाले है कि Jio में offline call कैसे करे. Every time the same thing is happening. Jio 4G Voice Offline Call Not Connecting Problem कैसे ठीक करें. Redmi 3S Prime available in India is not VoLTE enabled. VoLTE enabled devices show in status bar. The best part is that these Jio voice call app download brings VoLTE feature in 3G or 2G smartphone. Though Jio has already solved many issues with the updates , still there are few which are annoying the users. I believe the app you are talking about is Jio4gvoice. JIO voice call issue: JIO voice offline notification, Not able to make voice call in jio sim, then follow these steps to fix the issue, Change settings in JIO voice app to fix voice call problem in JIO And now 5 days passed away n i didnt able to use voice and data services. Reliance jio providing free unlimited 4g data with unlimited Voice call facility.