It’s a damn shame! Video footage shows the moment Julia Slonska took a … The 1954 mosaic depicting the Virgin as Our Lady of Częstochowa — better known as the Black Madonna — was defaced with spray-paint and its plinth branded with the letters “BLM” in the city of Breda. AN Instagram influencer has been blasted for smashing the nose off a historic statue in a desperate bid to get more followers. ... Church in Williamsburg have been vandalized … Minnesotans celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day A statue paying tribute to Polish-American hero Tadeusz Kościuszko in Washington D.C.’s Lafayette Park was also vandalized, who’s deep … The social media influencer made a grovelling apology and took the video down following a backlash for breaking the post-war statue in Swiss Valley Park, Warsaw, Poland. Related Articles. Trump says FBI investigating 'hundreds' of monument vandals The statue depicts Don Juan de Oñate and other conquistadors leading the Spaniards through "New Spain." According to a photo of the vandalism posted in a neighborhood group, the spray paint reads, “white lies.” Someone vandalized the Pulaski monument in Patterson Park. Statue of Slain Polish Priest Is Vandalized. An employee at the Polish and English language church later found the shattered angel and called police. On the base of the statue the vandals had spray-painted the Polish words, 'Za Lenina, Za Stalina,' Bloch said. 20201116t0900-serra-statue-felony-vandalism-1009377.jpg San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone conducts an exorcism at Mission San Rafael in … Anyone with information on the Thanksgiving statue vandalism is asked to call Minneapolis Park Police at (612) 230-6550. A statue was found vandalized on June 14 after a petition was created requesting its removal. The statues and buildings vandalized on Wednesday and Thursday appear to have been targeted in protest of colonialism, gentrification and … 'Loosely translated by members of the Polish … The mosaic memorialises the Free Polish forces of General Stanisław Maczek’s Polish 1st Armoured Division, which liberated the city from its Nazi German occupiers in 1944. Many of the more than 1,000 people who walked to Our Lady of Consolation for 11 A.M. Mass passed the statue.