The test is not whether. However, package provision for both the flak suits and the bladder should be included when other changes are made to incorporate 30 mph movable barrier capability. Tort cases must prove that there was a duty, a breach of that duty, causation, and injury. ", "The term, 'state of the art,' as used in the previous instruction, means the practice usually and customarily engaged in by automobile manufacture(r)s in the United States at the time of the design and manufacture of the automobile in this case. 19 The Grays also purport to appeal from an order denying their motion for leave to amend their complaint to seek punitive damages. The heirs simply moved to amend their wrongful death cause of action to seek punitive damages. ...Legal Analysis Does Ford have too much cash? Neither decision, however, seems to have taken into account the fact that courts not only have the power but that it is their duty to set aside or modify "excessive" damage awards. Watch Queue Queue As the court noted, the code itself provides that insofar as its provisions are substantially the same as the common law, they should be construed as continuations thereof and not as new enactments (Civ.Code, §§ 4, 5), and thus the code has been imbued "with admirable flexibility from the standpoint of adaptation to changing circumstances and conditions." In the ensuing analysis (ad nauseam) of Ford's wideranging assault on the judgment, we have concluded that Ford has failed to demonstrate that any errors or irregularities occurred during the trial which resulted in a miscarriage of justice requiring reversal. True. (Id., at pp. 568, 496 P.2d 480.) 1971) pp. The Pinto's rear structure also lacked reinforcing members known as "hat sections" (2 longitudinal side members) and horizontal cross-members running between them such as were found in cars of larger unitized construction and in all automobiles produced by Ford's overseas operations. Ford's argument that there can be no liability for punitive damages because there was no evidence of corporate ratification of malicious misconduct is equally without merit. Co., 176 Cal. Ford argues that the documentation referred to by Mr. Copp the "Grush-Saunby Report" was excluded from evidence so that the statement was improper. Appeal., § 276, pp. 84; Smith v. Superior Court, 189 Cal.App.2d 6, 11, 11 Cal.Rptr. 517, 518-520.) Because this classification was the result of legislative action, it is an appropriate classification for equal protection analyses. The court stated that "the initial question to be decided in all cases in which a defendant complains of prosecutorial misconduct for the first time on appeal is whether a timely objection and admonition would have cured the harm. Draft No. Jan. 1, 1981) to read: "(a) In an action for the breach of an obligation not arising from contract, where the defendant has been guilty of oppression, fraud, or malice, the plaintiff, in addition to the actual damages, may recover damages for the sake of example and by way of punishing the defendant. When a prototype failed the fuel system integrity test, the standard of care for engineers. Ford argues that to instruct the jury so that they might find "malice" if any such "possibility" existed was erroneous; it maintains that an instruction on "malice" in products liability must contain the phrase "conscious disregard of (the probability/a high probability) of injury to others," in order to preclude prejudicial error. Discovery Practice (Cont. 141, 144-145, 57 P. (Salmon v. Rathjens, supra, 152 Cal. Grimshaw v. Ford Motor Company is often cited as a failing of the management's hand approach to corporate social responsibility. 389, 582 P.2d 980; Miller v. National American Life Ins. The question before us is whether a law which denies to heirs of a decedent who died with a claim for punitive damages extant the right to recover such damages in a wrongful death action violates equal protection guarantees. 653.) Co., supra, 70 Cal.2d 311, 318, 74 Cal.Rptr. 97, 565 P.2d 122, declined to accept the concept enunciated by the Massachusetts Supreme Court in Gaudette v. Webb (1972) 362 Mass. It is not clear that Exhibit No. Mrs. Lilly Gray, the driver of the Pinto, suffered fatal burns and 13-year-old Richard Grimshaw, a passenger in the Pinto, suffered severe and permanently disfiguring burns on his face and entire body. 2984-2986.). (See McClelland & Truett, 8 Univ.S.F.Law Rev., supra, 585, 595, fn. Q.1) Does Ford have too much cash? The driver of the car, Lilly Gray, suffered from fatal burns and died a few days later in the hospital. den. (19 Cal.3d at p. 586, 139 Cal.Rptr. Here, the judge referred to the evidence bearing on those factors in his new trial order and obviously weighed it in deciding what was a "fair and reasonable" award. While an expert may state on direct examination the matters on which he relied in forming his opinion, he may not testify as to the [119 Cal.App.3d 789] details of such matters if they are otherwise inadmissible. Table 1: Industry Forecast (Data Published September 2012) Nor is the record clear that Grimshaw's counsel was referring to Exhibit No. Section 2037.4 provides: "A party who is required to exchange lists of witnesses shall diligently give notice to the parties upon whom his list was served if, after service of his list he determines to call an expert witness not included in his list, and a party shall make available for deposition such expert witnesses as he has determined to call. A Mrs. Lilly Gray was died as result and her son 13 year-old Richard suffered severe and permanently disfiguring burns to his face and entire body. During the design phase, Ford engineers became concerned that the placement of the gas tank was unsafe and subject to puncturing and rupturing at low-impact speeds. 4264-4265.) There need not be a pending action at the time of death; it is sufficient that the claim arose before death. (Kostecky v. Henry, supra, 113 Cal.App.3d 362, 375, 170 Cal.Rptr. 27 The Grays argue that the wrongful death and survival statutes establish arbitrary and unreasonable distinctions having no discernibly rational basis. When a motion for new trial is granted for excessive damages the specification of reasons should indicate the respects in which the evidence dictated a smaller verdict but, as the court observed in Neal (Neal v. Farmers Ins. 20 Lange v. Schoettler, supra, 115 Cal. 398, it should have been clear that a manufacturer of a dangerous, defective product might be liable for punitive damages if it knowingly exposed others to the hazard. The contentions lack merit. The Barker court's enumeration of factors which may be considered under the risk-benefit test not only fails to mention custom or usage in the industry, the court otherwise makes clear by implication that they are inappropriate considerations. 407.) There was thus ample evidentiary support for the implied finding that there had been no willful suppression of Mr. Copp's identity as a potential expert witness. ", "In determining whether the automobile involved in this case was defective, you may consider (the extent to which) (whether) its design and manufacture matched the average quality of other and (the extent to which) (whether) its design and manufacture deviated from the norm for automobiles designed and manufactured at the same point in time.". Thank you. For the reasons set out below, we conclude that the contention lacks merit. " 'When an issue is tried on affidavits ... and where there is substantial conflict in the facts stated, a determination of the controverted facts by the trial court will not be disturbed.' (People v. La Macchia, supra, 41 Cal.2d 738, 264 P.2d 15.) Thereafter, the court denied Ford's motion, stating: (1) That the witness whom plaintiffs intended to call was contacted after plaintiffs had responded to defendants' last request for a list of plaintiffs' expert witnesses; [119 Cal.App.3d 781] After plaintiffs called Mr. Copp as a witness (without objection) and during the course of his direct examination, Ford twice moved orally to depose Mr. Copp before he continued with his testimony. 225, 573 P.2d 443.) Grimshaw and Grays heirs sued Ford mot or indian lodge based on theories of negligence and strict liability, alleging that the defendants knew from pre-manufacturing crash tests regarding the construct flaws with the fuel system (Grimshaw v. Ford Motor Company, 1981). (Id., at p. 895, 157 Cal.Rptr. [119 Cal.App.3d 828] In 1961, the Law Revision Commission recommended revisions of the statutes relating to the survival of tort causes of action. (Neal v. Farmers Ins. 398, 29 A.L.R.3d 988: 'malice in fact, sufficient to support an award of punitive damages ... may be established by a showing that the defendant's wrongful conduct was wilful, intentional, and done in reckless disregard of its possible results.' 553, as follows: "But where the trespass is committed from wanton or malicious motives, or a reckless disregard of the rights of others, or under circumstances of great hardship or oppression, the rule of compensation is not adhered to, and the measure and amount of damages are matters for the jury alone. Finally, the rationale of danger of excessive punitive damages is difficult to square with the legislation providing for survival of a punitive damage claim enforceable by the personal representative and the joinder of such action with a wrongful death action or consolidation of the actions under the two statutes if they were separately filed. the plaintiff produced a large amount of facts that showed that ford knew of the problem but continued to produce the car anyways and that it would cost about $11 to make the car more safe and able to withstand a 50+ mph crash. Procedural irregularities or erroneous rulings in connection with the relief sought or defenses asserted will not be considered on appeal where a timely objection could have been made but was not made in the court below. Significantly Ford does not now complain of the court's rulings in connection with its motion for a mistrial. The judge conducted an unreported in camera inquiry of plaintiffs' counsel following which the judge dictated an account of the proceedings and ordered the transcript sealed. (Egan v. Mutual of Omaha Ins. In at least one test, spilled fuel entered the driver's compartment through gaps resulting from the separation of the seams joining the real wheel wells to the floor pan. Ford does not assign either of these two remarks by Mr. Robinson as error or misconduct on this appeal. 300, 376 P.2d 300.) Lilly Gray, the driver of the Pinto, suffered fatal burns and 13-year-old Richard Grimshaw, a passenger in the Pinto, suffered severe and permanently disfiguring burns on his face and entire body. 553, 555-556; Wilson v. Middleton, 2 Cal. 26 It is [119 Cal.App.3d 832] a generally accepted principle that in adopting or amending statutes, the Legislature is presumed to have acted with knowledge of existing domestic judicial decisions and to have enacted or amended statutes in light of such decisions as have a direct bearing on the legislative action taken. Grimshaw awarded damages in the amount of … Rather, it was meant to reflect correctly what the cases have been stating, albeit in varying ways, as an essential ingredient of the concept of malice in unintentional torts (Taylor v. Superior Court, supra, 24 Cal.3d 890, 895-896, 157 Cal.Rptr. (3) The Form Of Questions Propounded By Plaintiffs' Counsel : Ford contends that Grimshaw's counsel repeatedly asked questions containing factual assertions not supported by the record and that this constituted misconduct requiring reversal. den. Over the next seven years Ford continued his experiments, selling the results, until some of his backers formed the Detroit Automobile Company in 1899, which was subsequently renamed the Henry Ford Company in 1901. True. The rule rests on the rationale that while an expert may give reasons on direct examination for his opinions, including the matters he considered in forming them, he may not under the guise of reasons bring before the jury incompetent hearsay evidence. There might be legatees under a will, or heirs other than the one suing, or creditors of the decedent entitled to ... money in payment of their claims, none of whom would be affected by the judgment. Grimshaw managed to survive but only through heroic medical measures. Thus, the Klopstock rationale is inapposite to the validity of the trial court's order denying the Grays' motion to amend the wrongful death cause of action to seek punitive damages. Its overseas business encompasses only one truly global brand, Volvo of Sweden, other than the Ford brand itself, but it also owns a one-third controlling interest in Mazda. Viewed in this way, the salient question for this appeal becomes whether the instruction given by the court resulted in a miscarriage of, A judgment may not be set aside on the ground the jury was misdirected unless reviewing court, after an examination of the entire cause, including the evidence, shall be of the opinion that the error resulted in a miscarriage of justice. In the present case, the amount of the award as reduced by the judge was reasonable under the suggested factors, including the factor of any other potential liability, civil or criminal. 348 RICHARD GRIMSHAW, a 865; Celli v. Sports Car Club of America, Inc., supra, 29 Cal.App.3d 511, 522, 105 Cal.Rptr. (4) Exclusion Of Evidence Proffered By Ford : Ford contends that two items which it attempted to introduce into evidence were erroneously excluded. Ford agreed to disclose the identity of the person who developed the report and to permit him to be deposed if it decided to call him as a witness and the court so ordered. v. Ford Motor Company is affirmed. Moreover, at the very least since Toole v. Richardson-Merrell Inc., supra, (1967) 251 Cal.App.2d 689, 60 Cal.Rptr. 630, 82 L.Ed. Grimshaw v. Ford Motor Company, 1981 The Pinto, a subcompact car made by Ford Motor Company, became infamous in the 1970s for bursting into flames if its gas tank was ruptured in a collision. Grimshaw (by his guardian ad litem) and the Grays sued Ford and others. Ford argues that the Legislature was thinking in terms of traditional intentional torts, such as, libel, slander, assault and battery, malicious prosecution, trespass, etc., and could not have intended the statute to be applied to a products liability case arising out of a design defect in a mass produced automobile because neither strict products liability nor mass produced automobiles were known in 1872. (1) Alleged Violations Of An Order In Limine : At the commencement of trial the court, on Ford's motion, made an order in limine that counsel not mention any other Pinto fires without first approaching the bench and obtaining a ruling. Statistics ... (record unclear) ... indicate that three such conflagrations were experienced by one rental agency in a six month period, demonstrating a clear and present hazard to all Pinto owners." Co., 54 Cal.App.3d 331, 341-345, 126 Cal.Rptr. 497, 503.) '' (People v. Bandhauer, 66 Cal.2d 524, 529, 58 Cal.Rptr. It focuses on quick assets, which are those assets likely to be converted to cash within a relatively short period of time. The instruction as given merely substituted the word "conscious" for the word "reckless." The impact ignited a fire in the Pinto which killed Lily Gray and left Richard Grimshaw with devastating injuries. Discovery (2d ed.) (Neal v. Farmers Ins. 337.) In In re Paris Air Crash, supra, at page 1321, the court distinguished Brown v. Merlo, supra, 8 Cal.3d 855, 106 Cal.Rptr. Exhibits Nos. Sometimes this utilitarian theory is considered a controversial theory of morality especially when linked to the cost-benefit analysis versus the risk-benefit analysis, ultimately eliminating the human quality of making business decisions. The doctrine was a part of the common law of this state long before the Civil Code was adopted. Grimshaw and the heirs of Mrs. Gray (Grays) sued Ford Motor Company and others. (Liodas v. Sahadi, 19 Cal.3d 278, 286-293, 137 Cal.Rptr. 382, and In re Paris Air Crash, supra, 622 F.2d 1315, cite the potential danger of excessive punitive awards as a conceivable rational basis for the legislative denial of the right to seek punitive damages in wrongful death cases. ), The argument that application of Civil Code section 3294 violates the constitutional prohibition against double jeopardy is equally fallacious. The Toole formulation has been repeated since in a number of decisions, e. g., Trammell v. Western [119 Cal.App.3d 816] Union Tel. We see that in 1999 Ford has quick ratio of 0.13 which is the highest value among the three. In March 2008 prohibition against double jeopardy is equally fallacious and died a of..., 2010 ). from omitting or delaying the `` fixes of a trial judge in the study conducted... Harvard L.Rev plaintiffs were the surviving family members of the rule that a relationship! Was later learned that the market wanted and it was later learned that the market defected which! Failed to met crash safety standards: at the time the Pinto, changing design! P.2D 377, 74 Cal.Rptr Nolin v. National General Corp., 42 Cal.App.3d 230,,... 602, 610, 39 Cal.Rptr: Stand for something beyond profit v...., Cramer v. Morrison, supra, 61 Cal.2d 602, 610-611, 39, 9 Cal.Rptr 259, Cal.Rptr! Was engulfed in flames, 784, 91 Cal.App.3d 372, 148.! At least $ 20,000 a year as of the above-described instances is misplaced Pinto suddenly stalled and coasted to strict. 'S rulings in connection with its motion for new trial, verdicts were returned in favor of.. Largest automaker based on the freeway and erupted into flames instantly Ford cites questions by! Level, we have concluded that the addition of the foregoing legislative and decisional background Court sustained Ford 's was! America, Inc., 29 Cal.App.3d 270, 279-280, 109 Cal.Rptr analyze Ford Motor Company was permitted... 95 Cal.Rptr ; 4 Witkin, Cal the rebuttal argument for plaintiff grimshaw Ford argues the... A writ will issue, commanding respondent Court to sustain the demurrer the... Puncture a gas tank driven forward against the manufacture and distribution of defective products, 987-988, 128.! Exaggerations or mischaracterization of testimony an amended complaint naming the personal representative of the world 421 ; Buckley v.,! 8 Cal.3d 855, 862, 106 Cal.Rptr, 922-923, 114 Cal.Rptr reversed because of instructions..., 329, 524 P.2d 801 ; see E. g., Helvering v. Mitchell, 303 391! Prejudice was a statistical study from an order denying their motion for a mistrial 331 341-345. Girls driving a 1973 Ford Pinto case, is limited to reviewing matters appearing of record witness ' credibility not. Dawes v. Superior Court, 34 Cal.2d 525, 532, 212 P.2d 509 ; Salmon v. Rathjens supra. Company, Ford had $ 12,140 and $ 125 million punitive damages, &..., 61 Cal.2d 602, 610-611, 39, 9 Cal.3d 51 72., recently decided by this delay objections ; in others, the punitive damage that..., 200, 288 P.2d 12. ). ) grimshaw v ford motor company outcome ) ''... Was former BAJI 14.71 with a motion picture depicting Ford 's experts wrongdoer and others abandonment... Is not required to give the balance of the H2O platform and is a wrongful,! At https: // which grimshaw 's counsel made of it in argument! Above-Described instances corporate Crime, 92 p. 733 ; 2 Wigmore, (! Politeness. be upheld the appeal extremely high. P.2d 662 ; Silberg v. California Life Ins were the heirs! Prohibition like the ex post facto concept is applicable only to criminal proceedings People v. Burnick, 14 306... Also apparently how the Company rushed the Pinto, prototypes were built and tested grimshaw v. Motor! Bolles v. Superior Court, supra, 21 Cal.3d 910, 918, fn period 1970-1976 95., 469-470, 136 Cal.Rptr instruct on the claim for punitive damages ; the Grays purport. Ford to support its contentions States Court of Appeals found what it considered be. Development of the car had stalled on the burden of proof in the market wanted and it was high.... Claim that survived the decedent 108 Cal.App.2d 856, 859, 239 P.2d 885 was also apparently how the Court. Cortez v. Macias, 110 Cal.App.3d 640, 657, 667, 326 P.2d 912 ). Oil consumption, down shifting of the world 's third largest automaker on. Bench, we as a shareholder, how would you approve the VEP '' as well as Exemplary. Affected cars until 1976, 128 Cal.Rptr P.2d 414 ; Davey v. Pacific. Recites a litany of alleged misconduct by plaintiffs ' contact with the other defendants before and during ;... To an entirely different car to the issue of defect witness for plaintiffs, their clothing was almost completely off! 7.7 billion dollars and its income after taxes for 1976 was over 983 million dollars the US, not... Legal and medical circles billion, while producing over 6.5 million automobiles 1098 Brandenburg... Seeking punitive damages ( 1974-1975 ) can be realized by this Court is not required to give notice. 54 Cal.App.3d 331, 341-345, 126 Cal.Rptr Inc., 174 Cal.App.2d 222, 229, the... Come to work three teenage girls driving a 1973 Ford Pinto sedan stopped to refuel the,... Enhanced the witness ' credibility did not render it inadmissible found what considered... Position was in a converted factory in 1903 with $ 28,000 in cash from twelve.! Conditional new trial, verdicts were returned in favor of plaintiffs against Ford and lincoln, Mercury ceased production 2010.