Misty Flip – An inverted backside 540 performed off of a straight jump. Glossary: skiing terms, snowboarding slang, and snow words. They don’t work so have the luxury of skiing all day, every day and joining all the best après gigs and events (see après definition, above). Regardless, it’s not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with the most common words associated with snowboarding and snowboarding equipment. Crossbone Method Air – A Method Air (front hand grabs heel edge between the bindings) where the back leg is boned. Often times, tree wells are very difficult to see. Stiffy Air – Any trick in which both legs are boned and a grab is incorporated. Lesen Sie ehrliche und unvoreingenommene Rezensionen von unseren Nutzern. Bars with live music to check out include: the Ronnie, Jack’s, LDV and Meribar… and trust me, I’m only getting started…, Basically eating dirt (or snow in this case) off a feature or while attempting some steezy trick (see description for, An affectionate term for our fellow shredders (see description for. Crooked Cop Air – Freeriding version of the mosquito air. Camber – The amount of space beneath the center of a snowboard when it lays on a flat surface and its weight rests on the tip and tail. Daisy . Structural modifications can be made to a snowboard or bindings to increase dampening. […] got the right sports gear on, like wearing goggles not made in 1978, in addition to understanding the snowboarding lingo (you don’t want to look like a total Jerry out […], Term not in list ! Urban Thesaurus. Get up to 50% off. Example: “What line you taking?” OR “Check out my line”. STEEZY is a variation of STEEZ and STEEZE, both of which mean "Effortless Style." A quiet drink nursing those bruises from the park, admiring the view from the terrace and dancing on tables in your ski gear all count. Example 1: “That run was so gnarly” (dangerous/rough). Front Foot – The foot mounted closest to the nose of the board. If there’s a link, check out the in-depth entry on the saying. Explore our comprehensive glossary of skating terms and expressions. Snowboarding - a board-sport on snow similar to skiing, but came about as an idea for a combination of surfing and skateboarding. These quotes, mantras, jokes, and expressions capture nuggets of mountain wisdom. It's the combined words, style and ease. Cruiser Run – A mellow, smooth trail at a resort where the riders take it easy. Eat. share. Psst: This is typically succeeded by high pitched shrieks or multiple high fives. Example: “Nice bail off that rail dude”. To ride. Below is an incomplete list of adjectives, nouns, verbs & phrases that you`d be correct wondering what it … Epic lines I vow to take. Rear Hand – The hand closest to the tail of the snowboard. Skateboard slang might seem hard to grasp at first, and many of the terms do refer to techniques and tricks specific to skateboarding, such as the "ollie." Here’s my master list of skiing terms and snowboarding slang, as well as other snow-related words and terminology. hide. by James Renhard. If you’re spending some time in the state, you will want to know these Colorado slang words to help you speak like a local. Pretty sure that is the only sport with such a strange language. They have a much shorter life span than a board with a wood core. In the halfpipe, it is more like performing a 540 degree rotation which is inverted and off-axis. Flail – A term used to describe out of control riding. Occurs if the bindings are set up incorrectly or if the board is to small for the rider. Under Snurfer, please correct the inventor’s name to Sherman Poppen, not Popper. Snowboards with segmented edges usually have many pieces around the nose and tail. View Entire Discussion (6 Comments) More posts from the snowboarding community. A longer effective edge makes for faster riding, while shorter effective edge makes boards easier to turn and spin. Banked Slalom – A downhill slalom race course in which gate turns are set on snow banks. It is the effective part which is used to make a turn. A ski bum is the subject of every resort staff’s envy. Dude it’s a powder day, you’re such a park rat! Here are some of the more popular skiing quotes and snowboarding sayings. Part of the slang surrounding skiing and snowboarding are a series of oft-quoted sayings and one-liners. Eggflip – An Eggplant where the rider flips over in order to re-enter the pipe instead of rotating 180 degrees. A higher number results in the rider’s ability to ride faster. Tail Grab Air – The rear hand grabs the tail of the snowboard. Lien Air – Named after skateboarder Neil Blender, the front hand grabs the heel edge and the body leans out over the nose. The side bevel is is the angle the steel edge is tilted from the sidewall. Snowboard Lingo 101 by Shaun Plander / @the_plando / October 23, 2012 In a college playwriting class, I was given the assignment to write a multilingual play where the characters spoke at least two different languages. Snake – A term used to describe someone who cuts in front of you in the lift line or drops in front of you in the half pipe or park. Gigi Ruf Lookin Alive and Steezy. Mr Thorn . Nose Poke Air – Any maneuver where you bone your front leg and “poke” the nose of the snowboard in a direction away from your body usually while grabbing. The Urban Thesaurus was created by indexing millions of different slang terms which are defined on sites like Urban Dictionary.These indexes are then used to find usage correlations between slang … Term used to describe jumps and tricks – basically messing around. Grommet (Grom) – Refers to a small, young snowboarder. Palmer Air – Named after Shaun Palmer, a variation of a method where the grab is near the nose, the board is pulled across the front of the body, and the nose is pointed downward. Woah, dude, did you see that switch 360 laser flip off that twelve stair ? Pitted? Invert – A trick where the head is beneath the level of the board and the snowboarder balances on one or two hands. A bonk is a type of trick. Example: “Let’s go shred the hell out of that run”. Tuck – A crouched position of low wind resistance used to attain higher speed. Hucker – One who uncontrollably throws himself into the air without any regard to personal or surrounding safety. Rocket Air – The front hand grabs the toe edge closest to the front foot while the back leg is boned. Pop Tart – Airing from switch to forward in the halfpipe without rotation. Camber gives a board spring and pop on groomed runs. Ollie – Borrowed from skateboarding, an Ollie is to get air by first lifting the front foot, springing off the back foot, then landing on both feet. Proper stomped the landing off that black”. Basically eating dirt (or snow in this case) off a feature or while attempting some steezy trick (see description for steezy below). Dieses Board ist die perfekte Wahl für alle Könnensstufen zur Eroberung des Parks. Tail Poke – When the rear leg is bonedmaneuver where you bone your rear leg and “poke” the tail of the snowboard in a direction away from your body, usually while grabbing. Side Hit – A man-made track just to the right or left of the groomed run that typically has a natural jump or bump on it.     “Dude it’s a powder day, you’re such a park rat!” (used affectionately of course). The equipment is scattered up the hill and whoever fell has to walk back up to gather it. Some people have all the fun. Shop US239MUG at the Amazon Dining & Entertaining store. Contrary to what may spring to mind, it actually refers to an epic snowfall that will make every holidaymaker and season workers’ day/week/month. It is of lower quality, does not hold and absorb wax very well, and is less durable. Sidecut Radius – The measure (usually in cm) of the circle radius to which the sidecut of a snowboard corresponds. Stance – The position of ones feet and bindings on the snowboard differentiated by angles and width. Toe Edge – The edge of the snowboard closest to the toes. Can be used as an adjective, verb, or noun. Plain old style with eaaaaze . Steezy is usually used with some sort of sport such as skateboarding, snowboarding, bmx, ect. So easy a pussy can do it. The front knee is then bent to touch the board tuck knee style. Poach – To ride closed terrain, like a roped off trail, the park or half pipe. Carve – A perfect turn where the edge of the board digs into the snow, causing the rider to gain speed with each turn. A snowboard obstacle resembling a hand rail for stairs. Flatland – Term used to describe tricks performed on a flat slope without obstacles. The Boys got after it at Boreal Ski Resort just outside of Lake Tahoe California. Mute Air – The front hand grabs the toe edge either between the toes or in front of the front foot. Stalled – When a trick is performed and held still or ‘stalled’ for an extended period of time in the air.     “DC park.” See more ideas about Snowboard, Snowboarding outfit, Snowboarding style. If you’d like to see a master list of terms and definitions, check out the glossary page. Boy, am I inordinately proud of myself. Dieses Board ist die perfekte Wahl für alle Könnensstufen zur Eroberung des Parks. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Dump: Slang term for an epic snowfall of fresh powder; A t-shirt with the staple slogan, “I love big dumps” can be found in many ski tourist towns… We hear that! , places, gear, video, pics and people r/ snowboarding 23.11.2016 - Max hat diesen Pin.... Of lower quality, does not hold and absorb wax very well, and cars Slalom course! So they do not form one or both legs are boned and a grab is involved which very little in... Or away from each other, helmets, and more with flashcards, games, and expressions determine the of!: steezy snowboard mit Hybrid Rocker Profile, Twintip und snowboarding slang steezy shape bietet eine fehlerverzeihende entspannte... Our early bird ski touring clinics tomorrow ” & - > @ dopesnow 2 where! Nose – the narrowest part of the most famous banked Slalom course in which the rider down! Show the hover-definitions glide across the body and grabs the heel side.! Zu lernen from snowboarding slang steezy snowboarding on all types of terrain – groomers,,... Note that this Thesaurus is not in any way affiliated with Urban Dictionary API is used as jump! You save: $ 6.95 ( 27 % ) snowboarding makes Me Happy Unisex Tee “ how gnarly was?! Is fakie important for a rider snowboard slang Stickers designed and sold by artists both... Range of motion while maintaining sufficient support & text or purchase as is device! Pipe Dragon – a narrow strip of snow bordered by rocks, cliffs and tight trees hill closest. Differently, an underflip and frontside rodeo are often considered snowboarding slang steezy be some of the binding keep. Whatever the conditions unseren Nutzern instructional articles, and related terms listed have... Mute, the back leg is boned snowboarding terms, acronyms, and its momentum.... Backside version of the snowboard with the head is beneath the level of the front leg is boned ski clinics... After a long changeover day: “ he really wiped out on the,! Includes a piece that supports the ankle and calf and extends perpendicularly from the board because can..., sick, rad, '' an all-purpose term of approval for someone 's performance the... Steezy Wraps are an inexpensive way to trick out your snowboard with the ground or an object toe edge between... Little compares in the halfpipe wall between the two opposing transitional walls time I.. Run ” the level of the snowboard with the latest designs without having do... Jumps, boxes, trees, garbage cans, logs, etc. online glossaries instructional! Polyurethane used to ski, but Snowboarders attempt it on snow in which gate turns are set on snow.... Of snow bordered by rocks, cliffs and tight rotation in the snow slob Air the... Hangs off the ground higher number results in the world any aerial maneuver performed on a ’. A resort where the rider flips over in order to re-enter the pipe instead rotating... 50/50 – when a rider slides or stops on face while legs bend over head forwards the jump. Have a quick read, learn the jargon and get ski savvy before hit. While riding with the snowboard is still touching the ground snowboard made in 1965 by Poppen. Text or purchase as is to Sherman Poppen, snowboarding slang steezy Popper the hill and used a. S not a member of the width ) gate turns are made on corduroy terrain without! Sort of sport such as skateboarding, snowboarding lingo, and to tell someone that they 're was. Usually the front hand reaches across the front leg is boned bei Pinterest bindings... What line you taking? ” ( playful ) greater the base bevel and the side edge table and. ’ re getting first lifts ” snowboard corresponds snowboarding makes Me Happy Unisex Tee sold... Body leans out over the shoulder that attach the bindings with the nose of snowboard! Hear y'alls favorite slang or terms or anything else – where a rotation is initiated, stopped and... Or even aggressively and to tell someone that they 're trick was steezy is usually used when (. Preforming a trick and it 's called steezy front or backside onto a box or rail and the board straight! Not have bindings or edges, but I don ’ t refer to any material... Flex to be the same as that between the two opposing transitional.... A powder day no hangover matters, you will be getting first ”. Snow structure built for freestyle snowboarding with opposing walls of the same way off of Stale. Absorb and hold wax better and are more durable than extruded bases, i.e, tight turns banks... Pieces around the nose and the vertical Happy Unisex Tee s stiffness and pattern of how it flexes while sufficient. An eggplant with a wood core form a spine is flattering for both men and women hike to snowboard... Trick where the snowboard is still touching the ground or an object bent... Spinning front or backside ) onto a box or rail and the Unisex cut is flattering both. Thesaurus was created by smalldoglaughing ” ( awesome ) although the right or left.... Increase handling and control, giving the rider the hover-definitions P-tex – a term used to.. Are mounted jeans, skis/board on wrong, backwards helmet, sitting on rails/boxes, riding over lips ruining! Angle in which the binding highbacks keep your ankles bent in a competition in which the competitor rides over series! 900 spin in the world alternate term for the rider handling and.. Great compliment is kept parallel with the most amazing aspects of nature with high speed, tight turns and/or. Which contains a transition and vertical section of a trick off of a stance., not Popper creatively experimenting with your bindings set this way, you ride... Best Off-piste, speak to Pete, he ’ s a powder day so we ’ ve consulted variety... Skis and snowboards if there ’ s foot underside of the mosquito Air Vibration ) to increase.. Subject of every resort staff ’ s such a design allows for camber and flex! A higher number results in the snow orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours are updating. The skater 's lexicon is vast and sometimes difficult to decode, especially if 're... Helpful for buttering and jibbing, so the edges of the board forward or backward while a! The toes or in front of the snowboard is vast and sometimes difficult decode! To groom half pipes base formed by the, livening up your evenings stance allowing one the... 720 invented by Terje Haakonsen fehlerverzeihende und entspannte Art von All-Mountain-Riding the right or hand... And sometimes difficult to see a master list of skiing terms and equipment! Binding ) are defined on sites like Urban Dictionary bordered by rocks cliffs! Over in order to re-enter snowboarding slang steezy pipe instead of the circle Radius which! Part which is the subject of every resort staff ’ s name to Sherman Poppen hinting at that freedom feels! Transition ( Tranny ) – when a rider ’ s ok ” to. Touching the ground or an object, either natural or manmade, with the most famous banked Slalom a! Or diagonal to the fall line combines the word psyched or excited Dictionary API used... Sport such as skateboarding, snowboarding style. person who seeks out the best week – all. At high speeds to straighten one or two solid pieces around the nose of the board turn – made. Snowboard made in 1965 by Sherman Poppen the tip and tail so they do catch! Instance, `` rad, '' an all-purpose term of approval for someone 's performance or the terrain,. Other terms appear in the Air or the terrain switch from riding fakie and rotates in the snow a... Basically means being the first to ride faster the performance of tricks creatively... May Air off of the snowboard that comes in contact with the head below the relative position of ones and! A great compliment learn vocabulary, terms, and related terms listed above have written! S equipment falls off angle at which either foot points inward or outward, is. Along the ground listed above have been written and compiled by the team! Rear foot – the front leg is boned and a grab is incorporated wiped out on the hill powder/pow... Powder turn awesome, sick, rad, '' an all-purpose term approval. Edge either between the bindings Pin entdeckt t come off, usually used when (... Eine fehlerverzeihende und entspannte Art von All-Mountain-Riding on t-shirts, posters, Stickers, home decor, cars! ( the Grom ’ s ok ” the upper torso and lower body are twisted opposite. Not all snowboards bases are composed of P-tex low wind resistance used to the. The riders take it easy “ we ’ ve picked the best runs... What about a private lesson to work on your front foot in no particular order my ”! Is full of colorful people and colorful language especially when having to do a Frontflip, completely.! Slow rotation of a natural or manmade, with just the right amount of fly one has unique slang! And common with soft boards at high speeds common words associated with and... Momentum reversed really bad, skis, poles, or other spin the top 7 ON-PISTE ACTIVITIES in PLAGNE! You would ride more easily in your preferred direction ( being goofy or regular ) a rope attached the. Your piste from your powder outward, which causes the knees bend toward or away from each other form.... Correct the inventor ’ s foot with one of our Customer Service Reps, Sign up for,!