Selling plants on Facebook is two-sided: there’s the free way or the paid way. probably price a little higher without losing much business, but that's OK. perennial - but you buy annuals by the sixpack or tray at Walmart, it's hard My question is whether a nursery license is required. Currently there are 260 plants for sale but who knows what will happen in the next few weeks. google_ad_type = "text_image"; Do you have an idea as to how I can package the plants sold from place of sale to the buyers car? Mary. I welcome comments about my web pages; feel free to use the form below to I hope you have an easy solution. for preparing plants for sale. I'm still looking for new plants to plant for future sales, so I'll look at your "plants" tab. Really good advice here Rob. to sell hardy hibiscus, indigo, or bush clover at this time - or even in early tenants of those spots are sold. //-->e-mail me.var nfld="huuuu"; var cfld="uuuuh"; Your name Ideally, the sign should have a nice picture - especially for plants that are ever-increasing onslaught of spam, I'm forced to discard any comments including Thank you so much for sharing your information and experience. down from individual tables. Reassuring on the 2nd.yr.perennials which are ready from my garden (I have sold at car boot sales). I also have a spring plant sale (on a much smaller level) to feed my plant habit. But even if you don't have a photo sign, make sure to have a text sign - even I am thinking about having a sale this year at home. I use signs in these areas with info on the plant, on bamboo stakes , with a pic of it in bloom and then cover the sign,or card with plastic and leave it in place . I would highly encourage you to check out if you haven't already. Download These Simple Potting Bench Plans and Simple Hoop House Plans. fair size by May, they don't have the bulk and robustness of a second-year source of plants, many of them unusual, I'm doing my fellow local gardeners You might even be interested in my forum on selling plants from the backyard: I am an enthusiastic gardener but a novice at plant sales. Shipping olive trees from Southampton to … department! time, do well as well. Now that my sale has gained some notoriety through plant fixes), but also wind, which can wreak havoc on your top-heavy plants, And that ain't bad! soil mix or not having the right size pots. Wait just a week or two, till the first week in May, and quite a few more guestbook. would work even without a website - keeping a guest list, or handing out I found myself in the parking lot at a low rent complex in town giving away hundreds of pounds of squash each weekend. I don't have the I am hoping to find a few real good Blue Honeysuckles in my seedling nursery and begin propagating them up as a major product. Still, Thanx for the info rob. I woke up refreshed and ready. Thanks for the info Rob. way over, I've been able to expand my plant pallette beyond the tried and Thanks for all the information about selling plants, which I hope to do some time this year. a service. For over 20 years THE PLANT LIST has be helping nurseries sell their plants.. website is updated in real time and the printed book is sent FREE monthly to thousands of potential customers: landscape contractors, nurserymen, garden centers and allied trade firms. :) I had this idea a long time ago but last month I propagated several hundred plants from my garden, put up a … you may not remember which plants you sold, and to whom - but you can be sure Thanks again. This will serve as a great visual aid for folks not really familiar with garden plants and it will inspire seasoned gardeners. to compete with that. The free way to sell plants on Facebook is to list them for sale in all of your local Buy/Sell/Trade groups. Where do you get your pots? Mostly Echinacea, Rudbeckia, raspberries, herbs and my extras from seed starting :) I hope they sell. the year, many people request to be added to the list. I'm planning a sale of my plants I have 20 mango plants that i want to sell for good cause. Although they attain a