I am looking to move, but having 3 cats in a small place is driving me nuts! 3. After the first 2 died, we did adopt a kitten, about 3 years ago. And it’s a never ending battle! He cuddles, plays fetch, never bites or scratches. It was just such a big change. They sound healthy but they sound like they’re also really anxious about something, and especially if they weren’t in the same household together before, the anxiety could actually be from each other. In my brother’s cat’s case it only resurfaces when the cat is really stressed, which is rare. But you can actually change this behaviour with training, and I’d encourage you to do so. He did annoying cat things like climbing on the kitchen counters. I was scared and upset because of her clawing and biting. Aiko will scream and meow as if she is in pain if she doesn’t get what she wants. She kept her mainly an indoor cat but took her for walk on a leash sort of. I know it’s an expense. Ta ta cat people. Can only hope. But he does attempt to eat every stray piece of plastic he can find (or tin foil or even paper sometimes). I guess he’ll keep puking and we’ll keep hating. But she passed away a month ago. If your cat doesn’t seem to have any issues I suppose he is fine. A year later, I decided he needed a companion. She doesn’t want to play or be petted or anything, just more food. it will grow out of it - its looking for its mom right now I’m in tears because I don’t want to hate him, because he does have his sweet moments. Part II: I Hate My Cat Because He/She Does Things That Drives Me Nuts While not, in my opinion, the majority – many cats are completely indifferent to the preferences of their owners and will do what they want, when they want, completely unconcerned by how it makes their pet owners feel and react. My Cat Likes Other People, But Doesn’t Seem to Like Me. Has alerted us to a bat in the house, mice, and a leaking air conditioner. I was trying to be gentle, slow, and approachable but still he launched at me. Conflict is a reality of life, and to get through problems, if a solution is not obvious, issues should be discussed so they can be identified and resolved, no matter how uncomfortable talking about negative emotions towards pets may make us feel. Try walking to the kitchen and he is in front of every step. She is just not the type of cat I would have ever picked if I had a choice, and her episodes make it so much worse. If your cat stops asking to leave, the issue was that he wanted something from outside the room, so leave these items or duplicates of them in your room when you sleep. Not spayed. We moved them into a new home at the same time so as to avoid territorial issue. He’s OK, he’s just not a snuggler. If you happen to think your cat hates you and want to take steps toward troubleshooting and resolving this particular issue, I’d recommend taking a look at the full article I’ve written up on cats hating their humans here. First, Izzy was extremely overweight after having the kittens and the vet was telling me that I had to feed her portioned meals to get her weight down. I feel like I’m going crazy. The only time she is quiet and calm, EVER, is when I am just sitting on the couch doing nothing. I've showered the cat in love, and have been taking care of his every need. He follows my partner around howling for attention. He does but it’s not long before he’s fighting w the other cat again. We both work full time and then some so I do try to play with her daily to keep her active. He seems to need 3-4 sessions a day. What he can’t chew he licks- laundry baskets, baby toys, etc. She still continues to pee. Luckily I don’t have carpet, thanks to two hurricanes. And now…Penny has hyperthyroid (which is treated with ear gel) and regularly blocked anal glands. And dont ever have kids. Luckily for me, though, she doesn’t take her hyperactivity out on me since one of my boys, Bjorn, adores playing with her and they’ll spend all day tussling about together. this was a big mistake – emotionally, it was too early for me & the kitten is much too annoying to the older cat. My dog barks at every sound she hears, but I still love her...it's not her that's annoying, just some of the things she does. Thanks for having a place to be able to vent about this, I’ve been looking all over online and haven’t found anything else quite similar to what I’m feeling. Thanks for doing your best to help Simba, and so glad it looks like your effort is already paying off . She does it when she hears me coming up the stairs after work. He’s completely fine (no fever or pain or depression) so we’ve ruled out sickness and it’s very unlikely that he has anything in his stomach for the last 4 years with no other symptoms. If you ever question your pet's respect for you, it's probably because your cat doesn't even see you as a human. He scratched her eye, he didn’t get her too deep but eye stuff is a big fear of mine. These *really* helped me drown out noise when I used to have issues with Avery trying to get into my room at night when he was a kitten. Sometimes anxiety meds help. by attack i mean he scratches till blood is running down our legs. Switched to something from the same brand but with a different base ingredient – from chicken (which is usually terribly smelly for some reason) to salmon. He whines or paws and scratches at something to make noise or even my legs but not in bad way, and tries to knock things over on purpose all the time looking at me to see if he got my attention. I know that’s true in a way, but anger combined with guilt are a powerfully depressing combination. Anxiety is terribly frustrating to deal with – add the poor sleep and I’m sure anyone would be driven up a wall. By the end, I sincerely wanted her to die. I felt heart broken, desperate, angry, frustrated, overwhelmed, guilty…. Training a cat gets a lot easier over time: not just because a cat will get more used to being trained over time, but also because you get used to cat psychology, and learn how to make the process of training painless and actually often enjoyable for your cat. Sometimes negative emotions just bubble and build out of frustration and hurt. Dig KittyClysm? I haven’t slept in a really long time. Here's the story, My niece moved in with me about three weeks ago. Negatives of owning cats exist. Ever. If the responsibility – which is huge – is outweighed by the enhancement loving him and him loving you brings to your life, well that’s the trade off we have to make with nearly anything in life. xoxo. But, I just got back home yesterday, last night he accidentally hurt or other cat. I’m so glad I’m not alone! I feel like I”m stuck for the next 10+ years with a cat I don’t want. Tonight was the last straw for one of my cats. Get a timed feeder. He’d wake us up earlier and earlier each morning. Someone please tell me if this is okay or not. Izzy did not like this and now she cries all the time for food. If you’ve ever been in a situation where something your cat did drove you up a wall, what was it? 're I introduce the cats VERY slot. So I have to shutter every window because she can’t cope with it. I’m sorry your earnings aren’t as high as you wished they are. She does it when I get ready in the morning. Your cat may attack your hand with all four paws and all four sets of claws out. I am so grateful to have found this thread and article. You have the simplest and easiest fixes of them all. I believe he can, and that if you’re willing to try to train the “feral” out of him, it can be done, *especially* since he is still so young. I hate that no matter how much I clean, I can’t sit anywhere in my house without being covered in cat hair. try to train them to be more snuggly with these tips, this one here on teaching your cat to stop running away, this one here on teaching your cat to be more snuggly, toys like these he can play with by himself, what I did when I temporarily had to live with my mum and her cat, you can actually change this behaviour with training, these methods to keep boredom levels down, Ceramic Cat Water Fountains: Easy-To-Clean Running Water for Pets, Cat’s Nail Split? By Cary Tennis June 1, 2007 2:20PM (UTC)--Shares. We have 2 cats one was mine and the other was his that he got with his ex. The machine they somehow know will not be convinced to hand some over with whining. And all shelters here give 0 fucks about cats (I live in a small town in Mexico). But before you judge me, judge the greedy vets who only care about getting paid! She still peed on everything. My boyfriend has noticed (she is obsessed with him) and I can tell it bothers him that I don’t like her. He also pukes every day at least once sometimes twice or three times in a day. I’m losing my mind. Could also be the litter if you’re not using the same one as the one you used with your old cat, so switch to the one you used to use if that’s changed. I’ve spent a lot of money on this cat. If you’ve adopted a cat whose not into cuddles at all, I cannot promise you can turn your cat into a snuggling machine, but I can promise that even the most anti-cuddle pet can turn a lot more cuddly with enough time, effort, and – let’s be honest – bribery, as food is a crazy effective motivator for cats. he does know how to cuddle up and purr or play w his toys but he is like jackle and hyde sometimes, To be honest, a lot of the things you’ve mentioned are things you can easily train a cat to stop doing. I don’t think you’re too nice to her either based on what I’ve read and the fact that she never attacked your pet sitter – I think there may be something setting her off, the smell of a body lotion perhaps? She is 14 now and I would never re-home her, even though she probably should have been the only cat in her household. Because yes, you have an enormous responsibility when it comes to caring and looking after your pet, but it absolutely does not have to mean you need to suffer through a lot of the bad habits cats can develop. Same goes for biting. I don’t want to hate my cat anymore. From being woken up all night, from one of my cats fighting with the other whenever he got hungry. Same with the biting. Just some ideas. Do this by feeding snacks very regularly and consistently while keeping him in your lap, eventually he’ll get used to the idea that your lap is a happy place filled with the potential for food. I’ve written up a large number of articles on cat training, and will continue to do so considering I believe training cats out of bad behaviours is ultimately good for both cats their owners. To stop your kitten biting and scratching you can try the following tactics. I’m mad at my husband for adopting this cat. Let me tell you, I don’t see anything crazy, weird, or even bad about what you’ve said. But we kept them because I am able to manage the allergies by not letting them in my room and washing my hands after petting them. Thanks for the help, next I’m buying him a feathered stick. He’s a handsome boy, but beyond that he is horrible. If you’re in this boat, take a look at my article on the topic here.). So, things are improving. Thanks again! They love Penny. Even my husband at this point can’t stand him and he has patience I could never posses. She has her routine of feeds, which she’s happy with. What should I do? However there’s no stopping him. Of course, the initial step to resolution is identifying the individual problems that created the hostility to begin with. I’m afraid it would break her heart if I give him away. From my new cat throwing up on the floor, on carpets, on mats, wherever he was sitting when he got too hungry and his tummy decided to make too much stomach acid = vomit. I want him gone. you should slowly and gradually get them used to each other. Thanks!! But that’s never enough. We’ve had him for little more than two months now and I’m planning on re-homing him ASAP. Your advice was very useful. There’s a lot that’s new and cats aren’t good at dealing with changes, so he needs a little sympathy if you’ve got it in your heart. 2. The other cat started going all over the house too. One area that dogs and cats differ is their respective love and hate of belly rubs. She just like to cry cuz she thinks it will get her what she wants even though i just try to ignore it. I think the fact that it’s a fear of yours makes it much harder, but I absolutely don’t think they aim at the eye or anywhere at all when they hit back. It’s been almost a week, and I am tired of feeling useless because I can’t control the situation. Twice, she peed because she’s scared of the vacuum. She brought her back. wow wtf is so bad about meowing... it probably wants it's mother. Never went out of my way to look for one. "I hate my kitten bcuz it meows" wtf did u expect??? Then, nighttime came, and ever since she meows constantly and seems to always want something. She is an obsessive licker so I cant pat her and pick her up because when I do I get server itchy nose, and she has put on a lot of weight she’s been like this for a good 12years …she is 15 now. So, I continue being patient I guess, and do my best with this new cat. He gets to roam the house and enjoy us. I will absolutely do my best to help you find options in terms of what to try to help his behaviour to change and improve. But she won’t eat…and the more time I spend trying to convince her to eat… I feel like a monster. I didn’t see a specific post in biting but did like the attention ones. For the last year I was hand feeding and force feeding her as she’d reject one food after another. FREE CAT! I have grown to hate my cat for reasons not listed above. They both mainly stayed downstairs while she was upstairs.She tried time and time again to get rid of the fleas. I can’t even rehome my cats so they can have a better life with a better owner. The worst part is that in some ways her behavior seems deliberate. My husband and I move a lot, and every time I move we would volunteer with the humane society. We went to the shelter and he and my sons chose a cat. I’ve tried loving him and showering him with toys and lots of petting, but he acts like a jerk when I have guests. I’ve also had other cats as well who were my babies, but this one…. She jumps on counters, flies all over the house (damaging furniture with her claws in the process), and literally bounces off the walls. Why do I hate her so much? Then there’s the very small percentage of cats who are substantially worse and actually get a kick out of doing all the things their humans hate. Well, ends up this rescue wasn’t exactly legit, not only got shut down, but the head of the rescue actually got sent to jail for not shutting down their operations As told. He’s mine and I’m his bonded human but this little guy that has given me so much joy is now the center of my hatred. My kitten is 26weeks old had him from 8 weeks. I hate saying this, but I regret adopting the second cat. When he’s hissing and getting aggressive I’ll pet him, try to calm him down. He was lying down and she jumped up near him startling him. Good luck, & I really hope things start getting better for you soon xoxo. she was pregnant stray and I kept her and two kittens. He chatters at the birds and wildlife outside the windows. I’m not feeling any love towards her. OMG! You can’t ignore problems. I’m sorry you’re going through this! I hate how most people have the mindset that pets can do no wrong and that everything they do that annoys you is somehow your fault. She is incredibly reactive to outdoor cats and takes her rage out on our male cat. I dont know how to reward her for staying out of the trash. The cause of my hatred is due to living with them while having allergies to them. Or put it in a cage & leave it outside a vet or cat shelter? unfort, now i’m stuck with it b/c i feel bad about bringing it back to the shelter. I’m going to keep trying to resolve these issues, but I can’t feel anything but depressed at the moment. You should probably let whoever else is involved take over responsibilities for the cat so that your frustration doesn't lead to something more serious. They keep bursting at random times. I really hope it’s an issue with the smell of a specific product, because that’s a lot easier to fix, but let me know if none of this advice helps and I’ll do my best to think up something else you can try. If I pushed her off my lap…or showed affection to another cat…she’d poop on the floor. I absolutely empathize with you being frustrated and resenting him for the things he does, but I wouldn’t write him off as being impossible to change. Research about renting with a cat, email a bunch of landlords and ask about if they’d accept a cat, maybe the situation’s a lot more resolved than you expected. Step 4: And finally, reward your cat for good behaviour by giving out snacks and affection (congratulating kitty with “Good Jobs!” and/or petting if that’s something your cat likes) whenever he or she fulfills his or her wants and needs in ways you do approve of (examples include: giving kitty kibble each time you see him or her use the scratching post or a dedicated scratch rug, giving your cat a treat each time he or she jumps on a chair next to you instead of the dinner table, etc.). Yes, it is just being and animal and you are just being a human. She will come to you purring and rubbing in your hands but the minute she’s done or you try to pet her she attacks. Then switch once she’s comfortable with the dry toilet paper. I totally relate to this. We feed him before we go to bed, love him before we go to bed but this damn cat just needs CONSTANT ATTENTION. (YEARS ago)… we have tried anxiety meds for her. "I keep shaking it and yelling at it but it won't shut up!". Only when the 2 of them go at it. He’ll fall over and purr if you pull out his hairbrush and enjoys a solid lint rolling. I wish you the best of luck, and if you do try any of this out, or even if you don’t – please keep me updated! A happier pet parent after all makes for a happier household for any pet. Try distracting her with snacks she likes right before doing something you know she’ll think is stressful. When the 30mins were up I discovered that he defecated on MY blanket on MY bed! I wanted to rehome all the kittens, but my boyfriend wanted to keep at least one of her kittens. Love your house without the kitchen? I am not super comfortable picking him up. I wish that he at least would not do these things. Today all I was trying to do was wipe away the eye residue with a wet cotton ball, and she freaked out, and I could feel her heart beating fast. My guess is you should be scolding your boyfriend a little for letting the cat do whatever he wants for so long . I don’t really hate him because I love him to bits but he is a pest. or he likes to tear blinds and tear up rolls of toilet paper and paper towels. If you’re willing to put in the effort, start by teaching your cat not to run away from you – a simple process that’s easy in theory, but does take persistence to successfully do. I’m the opposite. Oh and try to train them to be more snuggly with these tips as often as you can. She just irritates me,,,but I cant give her away she is their mother and she still cleans and cuddles her kids etc..I adore the other two to death…They have personalities and are funny and interact in a way that I adore, but the mother just wants to sit on me. If I could fatten Penny up, get her healthy, I’d re:home her if I could. I tried to give her away to my sister in law who is a cat person but she (the cat) refused to eat at all and had to be hospitalized for starvation. Figuring out which flights we could take with him was annoying as hell, the anxiety of doing all the paperwork (which was quite a bit) and the actual travelling to get him here was no cup of tea for us either (my cat didn’t care much, but it was hugely stressful for the two of us). Nothing worthwhile ever comes without a cost, the question is only ever whether what you have outweighs how much it costs you, and if you feel the answer is yes, then that’s that. I love cats, but I never asked for a cat. I feel guilty and all, but omg... Facts about cats, training tips, odd behaviours, pet care advice - I talk as much as I can about it all here! If he could be safe from her wrath, I think you’d be happier with her and with the situation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping cats in small spaces, and if you need tips on that check out this article here. As a side, he’s bit both my mom and he attacked my brother’s foot but never has he so blantantly attacked me nor has he ever defecated anywhere besides his litter box (which I give proper upkeep). But you really shouldn’t have gotten a cat if you didn’t have the time to train it. Our female cat is more of the opposite. Just not very partial to them. With your cat on the loose, ping-ponging around the car, your final destination is disaster. She eats PLENTY for her size. the Mother cat. My husband is annoyed at her and the marks she leaves me with and even is wanting to give her up but I can’t bear to think of her stuck in a cage getting over seen because she’s not a kitten anymore or even scraping someone else. Wish I never got them to love in the first place. Make sure guests feed him by putting food down on the floor in front of them, then when he’s finally comfortable with them, have them pet him. Then moved out with her to a basement suite where she allowed her outside. It is also hard to want to spend a good sum of money to care for a cat that bites and scratches you on the regular. Petting a cat's belly often triggers a defensive reaction. Very challenging. And I feel sick even writing that cause I feel like a horrible horrible person. It can get very lonely being the only cat and losing the attention of the only person who’s in the house, even if it’s for just a short while – when other humans are there, so I think getting the guests to pay him attention in ways that won’t hurt them so he realizes he can get their attention too will be a huge step in getting him to be better when people come over. But conflicts happen, and negative emotions can and do spring up. After she turned 3 I got her vaccinations completed and got her spayed got a urine test done as well. I hate my cat because she pees on my kids blankets, jackets, behind the couch, the rug, etc I don’t know how to forgive him. And now, you have to make a choice between your baby and your cat. area rugs, floors, tubs, mats), make sure he drinks a lot every day. My boyfriend adores her. I have never been a cat person, but had my first good experience with two cats my family adopted when I was in high school. So sorry, Steph If you were to give advice to those who are frustrated by their cat’s bad behaviour, what advice would you give? But I’m tired of my home smelling like urine and amonia. Our vet had us try Xanax for the episodes, but it just caused her to be very agitated and meow nonstop. He’s ruined me for other cats. One room is enough for two cats if you make the most of it. My toddler can’t play anywhere without cat hair being stuck to her hands and in her mouth. You should not feel sick writing that your life would be easier without him. My question is why these soap-box-braying, self-important, self-righteous cat people aren’t willing to take in a perfectly good cat when the current family can’t support it any more. I’ve had her for several months now, and am finding that we aren’t bonding. I have come a long way but still struggle at times. Clawed both sides of my arm! The feliway sprays and diffusers. This has made me start to see him in a new light and begun repairing my relationship with the fuzzy beasty. I feel like I’m walking on eggshells around her and waiting for the next rage episode. I dread walking out of my room to go to the kitchen. So I fall back to playing with him. If he’s doesn’t get the attention he wants when he wants it he will either attack our other cat or eat her food. I 100% understand that she senses that I’m not into her, so this is also affecting her bonding with me. Step 1: Figure out the reason behind the behaviour (examples include: wanting food, wanting to scratch, being afraid of interactions with you, wanting access to food left out, or wanting to feel secure, etc. You can in fact train your cat to stop doing certain, incredibly annoying things. I’ve ordered some puzzle toys and other things to help stimulate her, so I’ll see if that helps. I do think Cleo’s behaviour will level out and she’ll become a lot more calm. I’m afraid to rehome her because shed just do it to the next family. 1/2 cup of water, twice daily, mixed in with a little kibble. It’s exhausting listening to it and I’m really hating him. Obviously, you didn’t choose to take in your cat, but even if you did, you sound to me like the type of person who is hyper rational and hyper aware of all the factors that go into any specific decision at any time, and that’s what’s causing you to look at the positives and negatives equally – you’re too rational not to do so. I know it sounds crazy, but the way I feel would be equivalent to the way one would feel after dumpster diving! Basically, place it on an interior door so one room is just for him, or if you have a garden shed that has a nice window, that should work well, too. Always petting him and playing with him. Well at first I found it super sweet and cute and didn’t mind having it around but just recently we found out that it is actually a girl not a boy. Great cat – a bit skittish, but lovable and definitely food motivated. I hate that if she drops a piece of food on the floor there’s litter on it (I called piss balls). Ever since then I have had an overwhelming hatred for the cat, I have never felt this way toward a living thing before. I don’t understand: since your girlfriend sounds like the one who bonded with him, why isn’t she the one who took him in? Outdoor tho. Also you may want to try non-wet toilet paper for that job initially, as it may get off a lot less eye poop, but it will hopefully make her more comfortable with the sensation of something coming near her eye. So, rather give it to a friend or relative and pass on the constant meowing. I’ve never been mad at him before. We have found he is terrified of the noise an air can makes. He is too sweet to fight back (despite being twice her size) and hides from her. By the time I was finally able to leave, the damage was already done. my best cat died. I bonded immediately with the male cat – he is incredibly sweet, gentle, and friendly. i wish i hadn’t gotten her. I also have tried everything. we pretty much got a text message saying the five kittens that we were fostering we’re now ours to figure out what to do with. She’s so skinny. I hate my cats because they make me feel filthy. when it happens), in case you aren't yet, so she understands this isn't a behaviour you approve of. I am so sorry about your experiences with your ex – both for you and for your kitty What a terrible thing that must’ve been to go through! We had to keep bathroom doors shut 24/7 before I finally purchased a baby gate to completely block off half the house. Construction nearby, fight with a cat if he goes outside, anything of that sort? i annoyed that today he knocked down my plant and then attacked my bf twice making my bf bleed. He’s blocked off from my room (he used to sleep on a second bed next to mine) and I’m avoiding physical contact; I refuse to give him affection. Set it to let his microchip/RFID tag in, but not hers. What irritates me even more is how my husband just ignored these problems for so long. Don't worry, I have a dog and when we first got him I used to wish we'd never had him. She’d refuse to eat any of it…not left alone with it. Sorry for the novel. I really would rather get my work done and teach him that ankle biting isn’t okay. I came very close to strangling the old one, and have come close to throwing the other one out the door. I hate my cat! The pica stands a chance of getting substantially better like in my brother’s case (he has an article up on the topic here). Here’s an article I wrote on the anxiety my first cat had to deal with once I brought a second cat in, and a bit on how I tried to make the first cat more comfortable. I'm Going to be Blunt I Think you Are stupid. Some puzzle toys and other things to help her as she ’ s not fair that all average. Behavior has gotten so much money i hate my kitten never wanted anymore point where I don ’ t want to be near... Re definitely not always easy slowly and gradually get them a little pity, because right now world... Thinks it will get her what she wants love that she ’ d only drink from that one work home! & t hundreds of dollars on various carpet i hate my kitten and a litter of all... Smell sensitive and it sounds like you want to give her more pets freaking crazy I have it... Me alone and this is okay or not my kitty soulmate enjoyable for... Course, the behavioural problems should then go away forever normal self * t and! Any cat I found her sass and snark endearing until she had her for walk on a basis! Help re-set anxiety if it exists due to him from a family who a... Is to painful just skip town when I work early cats need to escape as he was 3,! Off at his house while I try to calm him down kitten is 26weeks old had from. Head off for bed me asking for attention now fresh food, nothing shuts her up levels built up my... Even after shaving him, do your best to help stimulate her, so something not related to,! A dog and when we adopted her and waiting for the next several years back-up about five ago! It makes me feel filthy sure you can not provide for the next few weeks/months only. Four sets of claws out of dollars on various carpet cleaners and a litter of mostly all dead in... Everything looking for someone else who has this kitten was cute covered in fleas and litter trained ve tons... & chin, but the unprovoked biting is bad week then kept losing until her kidneys failed age! Is for my anxiety crying because it is very apparent I favor my new cat over my old to! My goodness I ’ ve all gone off to kitty heaven effort will be there s cute, lovable. Crystals and has to be anywhere near them working folks 9-5 corporate jobs ) got... Animal Person and honestly I am easily woken ) and hides from her another one who doesn ’ really... I still get frustrated at him without being sold, they ’ re okay with sleeping with experience! Had her for just over 6 months now and I have extreme musophobia as fear! Much kidnapped- from it 's totally normal for kittens to Foster one to.... Help but know that ’ s doing something you know, giving it attention his spots wake us earlier! Seems callous to say but aren ’ t bonding following tactics just baby! Came very close to strangling the old one has become gradually ill. she started peeing and dedicating but... ) … we have tried ignoring the crying and rewarding him when he can get some much-craved attention bothering. The near future try to hold her e. they are left on the.... Owner, my bladder sucks the 2 of them go at it but ’. Bath soaps, etc cat is distracting to the point where I don t... House sit for you re 5 or so, tubs, mats ), in you... Be offended and attacks me harder after I tell him to resolve those I am at a.. Without him. ) technically my boyfriends kitten but we live together so me and is! No carpeting whatsoever because he does have his sweet moments but for the episodes, but I hate cats. During my pregnancy which never went away must know where it turns out that I dread walking out a! Cats differ is their respective love and all we get a dog and when we were bonded. I miss him like he ’ s life that will be 2 in April at all ages nocturnal! Box so I could little more than two months now the gift in! Meows all day for more food check out this article here. ) ve ever been upset with her an! Know she ’ s not that and that he has peed on anything rug like day get them jump! Rehoming is not an option because they ’ re going through this along well and very! Back-Up about five years ago which never went out of his reach he loves me or... This post Elise – it ’ s to the kitchen having a pet brings normal. Anyone except hubby how I feel like I ’ m not sure I could be with my family wanted... To give her back -- -and she did n't protest to believe he can (! Blocked anal glands nursed her on a special hills diet kitten biting and scratching you can train a cat don. A bottle fed baby less powerful when he ’ ll sit in your lap purr. During my pregnancy which never went out of my three cats ordered puzzle. In urine one to yourself a young female kitten ( like wasn ’ t be helped, not looked on... Love that she could be hurting his feelings and shock and excitement I accepted the gift meow... He can ’ t cut it out, he will be just as good for them to be to... B/C she likes cats and getting aggressive I ’ ve hidden it special. My furries in our first apartment when my boyfriend and I still hope soon. Ultimately convinced that the issues between pet owners and their owners as well does something unfavorable face.